Shipments and Returns

Return Policy

Are you not satisfied with the product received? No problem! You can return or exchange it within 14 days of receiving it! Returning the purchased products is very simple, we take care of everything with the goods collection service at your home or wherever you prefer. After a few days we will receive the product and you will receive, at your choice, a refund of the amount (net of management costs) or a shopping voucher that can be spent on the entire catalogue.
NB: we cannot accept the return of accessories (covers, films, cables, etc.).
  1. Write to us via the "Contacts" section indicating all the useful data, therefore your name, order number, model (in case of multiple purchases), a brief reason for the return, collection address and if you then wish to receive a refund in money or in the form of a shopping voucher. You will receive a reply within 24 hours indicating the collection day and further useful information;
  2. Repack the product with the packaging received or another one that you deem suitable for shipping, and return everything you received (smartphone, box, accessories, etc.) by attaching the return note to the package that we will send you via email. Please note: the package contents, accessories and smartphone must be as new as when they were received. No account must be present on the device (Mi account, Apple ID, Google account, etc);
  3. Wait 2-3 working days for the product to return to our warehouses and be checked in its entirety. If the check is successful, you will receive a refund or shopping voucher, net of the management costs of €18 and the return costs of €7, for a total of €25.


All products on the site benefit from a single shipping method. The product is delivered within 24/48 working hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). In some cases, the shipping address you provided during checkout may be in the list of destinations defined by the couriers as "remote areas", i.e. areas in which the courier requires an additional €30 compared to the standard service for delivery. We will promptly send you a valid alternative, namely to send your order to a GLS service point closest to your address which we will identify for you. Once the order arrives at the GLS point you can go and collect it at no additional cost with your identity document. Of course, we will provide you with tracking to track your delivery.

Shipment tracking

You will receive shipping tracking 1 business day after purchase. The tracking of your package will be visible upon receipt of the tracking.

Additional costs

Standard shipping is free for all products. There is no additional cost. There are no duties in Italy and in Europe in general but there are some nations that are exceptions and it depends on customs agreements between nations (for example Switzerland, or Turkey, etc.), so if you have any doubts, write to us. If your address is not located in Italy, you may pay a sum for shipping, choose your product, enter your address in the cart and see if there are any additional costs for shipping.