What are aesthetic grades?

What is meant by refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone differs from a used iPhone in many ways. A refurbished phone has been repaired to a “like new” functional state. So, it's not 100% new, but it's the closest option. In practice, with the reconditioning process the phone is brought back to a state equivalent to that in which it was when it was new.

The refurbishing process restores the iPhone to factory condition . This means that the phone should be functionally the same, in every way, as a brand new phone. It is therefore important to purchase refurbished iPhones from a reliable supplier who offers guarantees.

It's essential to keep in mind that refurbished iPhones are significantly cheaper than new ones, while retaining virtually all the benefits you'd get by purchasing a new product . So, if you buy a refurbished smartphone it should be just as fast, just as reliable from a data protection and connection point of view. It should also have the same storage capacity, the same responsiveness, the same operating system and all the features that you would get by unpacking the new phone from its box.

What are the differences between a used product and a refurbished one?

A used product does not receive any operational tests and may therefore present aesthetic and operational defects. The devices refurbished by us at Riconshop.com instead they receive a thorough functional test, and are sold with a 12 month guarantee .

The Aesthetic Grades of Refurbished Products

All the smartphones we sell have passed extensive and rigorous testing before sale. All our phones have been refurbished by certified experts, so you can be sure that your device works like new. Regardless of grade, all batteries have at least 80% of their original capacity, allowing for an optimal user experience.

  • Grade A ++ (Like new) Technically perfect also on an aesthetic level. No signs of wear, conditions identical to new.
  • Grade A+ Excellent condition from a hardware and aesthetic point of view. It may have some slight imperfections that are not distinguishable at 30cm, which differentiates it from Grade A++.
  • Grade A Excellent condition from a hardware point of view. Aesthetic defects may be found resulting from normal use which differentiate it from Grade A + (scratches/dents on the body and/or screen).
  • Grade AB Excellent condition from a hardware point of view. You may find aesthetic defects that are more visible than higher grades, but these do not compromise the functioning of the device.
  • Grade B Excellent condition from a hardware point of view. It presents more marked signs of wear and aesthetic defects than all other grades.

All grades have at least battery above 85%.

Each refurbished product sold by Riconshop.com is sold with perfect functioning of the side buttons and all its functions including GPS, camera and audio, making the product similar to a new product except for the price, the latter being decidedly convenient.